Khaidi No 150 Pre-release event is on 7th January at Haailand as reported earlier. Ram Charan confirmed this news through his FB Live Chat session. Meanwhile, Ram Charan’s word on Pawan Kalyan got the ire of a section of Pawan Kalyan fans.
During the chat session, Ram Charan was asked a question by a fan about Pawan Kalyan’s presence in Khaidi No 150 event. This was his response- Pawan Kalyan is not a small kid(Chinnapillodu).But I’m going to invite him to the pre-release event, whether he will come or not is his decision.Especially the Chinnapillodu word followed by the statement didn’t go well with some section of Pawan Kalyan fans which led to them getting upset. Some say it was charan’s egocentric reply followed by digging up of some controversial statements made by Mega family in the past.

Especially the gossip mongers took this as an advantage and started spinning different stories by comparing with past controversies including that of Allu Arjun. Some section of the Mega family Stars were jealous about the Stardom of Pawan Kalyan. That’s why they had spit venom in the past. Post witnessing the genuineness of Pawan Kalyan and his fan following, Mega family including Ram Charan started making contrast statements compared to earlier times when they would say Babai is an inspiration or friend or guide.

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