Prabhas recalls travelling to college in buses…

Prabhas might have become a household name following the record-breaking run of the ‘Baahubali’ franchise, but success has surely not gone to his head.

The Tollywood star is still for known for his humble persona, as is revealed by several of his co-stars and experienced by media persons.

The actor revealed another side of this trait, even before he made it big in the film industry, in a recent interview.

Prabhas comes from a film family, with his father Uppalapati Surya Narayana Raju a popular film producer. The actor reveals that his father faced financial crisis regularly, like “like most producers do.”

“I went to college in buses… (given) my family background, that was big, you know? When I went in the bus, people (said), ‘Yeah, he’s from a very big family… So, these things helped me work harder,” Prabhas told GQ as he made it to cover of the magazine for the January issue.

Prabhas also opened up about his debut film ‘Eeswar’ and called it a ‘surreal’ experience to watch himself on the big screen for the first time.

“My mother and sister were sitting on (either) side of me. We were holding hands and watching (the film)… It didn’t do so well, but, we didn’t know until then if it’s good or amazing or what… It was very emotional,” he told the magazine, as quoted by Mid-day.

But the success that followed this Telugu star after that has brought him a tremendous fan following, with ‘Baahubali’ only taking it a notch higher.

“After this, I don’t know where I’m going,” he says, adding, “It’s frightening to make fans happy… (They) have unconditional love.”

The actor surely has several years in the industry now, but he is already sure of what he wants to do when he retires from acting.

Prabhas revealed he plans to go fishing and invest in a property outside Hyderabad and practise aquaculture along with his friends.

With the way his career is touching new heights now, we are sure that he won’t need retirement plans now.

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