Parand kalyan’s movie Nenostha unit said that it would be romantic thriller. All the actors are freshers and Parand Kalyan is introduced as a director. Let us read the review.

Film review : Nenostha
Actors : Gnan, Surya Srinivas, Priyanka Pallavi
Music : Anurag Vinil
Direction : Parand Kalyan
Producer : Basha Mazahar

Chetan, Nayan (Priyanka Pallavi) are lovers. But, they always involve in petty quarrels. To put an end to quarrels, they want to marry. They go out on a happy trip. In their journey, a man joins them. After knowing that he was a psycho, they drive him away. But the psycho follows them wherever they go. What happens next is to be seen from the film.

Performance :
Gnan, Priyanka Pallavi have acted well as lovers. But they could not exhibit their expressions. They acted mechanically. Surya Srinivas, as psycho, has failed to impress the audience. It is not known whether he is a street rowdy or psycho. Others also acted in a similar way.

Psycho approaching the lovers and exhibiting his sadism were shown well. The back drop of psycho is also interesting. The director and writer Parand Kalyan has chosen a story line for a romantic thriller. But he failed to include other elements into the film suitably. The film lacks pace. Music by Anurag Vinil is disappointing. Camera work by Sivareddy and editing by SJ Sivakiran are also not good. Production values by Basha Mazahar are fine. Rating 1.5/5.

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