Prime Minister Narendra Modi, realising that it may not be possible for the government to bring back normalcy in the banking system.Ever since the currency swap policy was announced, not even half-a-dozen ATMs are working even after 50 days.Even though the crowd is less in the bank where I operate, the bank is unable to dispense more than eight thousand rupees as against the claim made by finance minister that RBI has enough cash.If it is so why are the banks unable to dispense minimum weekly withdrawal limit? I am sure the VIP customers in bank won’t have any problem to withdraw.

While nation is eagerly waiting to hear what Prime Minister has in store for them, we all would soon forget our ATM pin number and specimen signature may turn into “Angutha Chap.What a big transformation after 70 years of Independence. By the way, Prime Minister also told us that the queue before banks and ATMs would be the last queue to end all queues created by Congress.Does this mean people in Punjab, UP and Goa need not stand in queue to vote for BJP?

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