Heroine’s damage control in NTR’s issue

We have already reported the mess that has been created on the young heroine Manasa Hima Varsha’s social networking profile when she expressed her opinions on the Bigg Boss TV show.

Now, she has put a final post on this controversy to end it right away. She said that she always admired NTR and tried to control the damage that already happened.

“For one last time, I didn’t mean to offend anyone nor did I speak anything against the show, nor the channel or the Star host himself. But all I meant was about my placement amidst the rest in the house if it happened and now which is hypothetical. It’s just n just my turbulence to get along with people which make the entire scene difficult and for which is misinterpreted. Let me not explain anymore and Retard this Rut guys.” posted Manasa Hima Varsha on her Facebook page.

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